Saturday, September 10, 2011

4th meetup

ok so we had 15 people this running! including a large handful of them being new members! id like to raise a brohoof to the new members and welcome them to the herd. i had a blast and it looks like everyone else did also. and now for some news.

-i hope you rarity`s out there have been busy making pony outfits sense on Saturday the 29th we will be having a Halloween pony dress up party! dress up as your fave pony the best that you can and win prizes!( i haven't figured out what it will be yet or else im might just say just pick something and il go find it and get it for you ASAP)

would like to have a caption contest. get a picture. write a funny caption, win a shirt. its that easy!

-for a while now i have been working on a `find your cutie mark`talent show. we all have talents. even if we don't think we do. we have no defined date for this yet but hopefully soon.

-we want some time to drink our brains out at the unicorn! well when? i dont mind the idea. il start talking with the patrons of the bar and see if they have any small events going on to entertain us like a in house band or something.

if you want to get into contact with me. just ask! im more then welcome to give out my skype or my phone number to members of the group.

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