Sunday, September 11, 2011

not a happy brony. also better info about phoenix contest

OK so phoenix mentioned a contest to win a t-shirt.
now i want to give you a more direct info on it.

1. look for pictures from the BBQ
2. make an appropriate funny caption.

you can find the images of the BBQ here.

what you can win is a t-shirt of your choice ranging from $40 or less.
you should also ask phoenix swift for color, size and such other general important info about the shirt.
the cut-off day is the the 23rd and we will announce the winner the next day at the meet up.
you can send your caption pictures to with the subject line "Caption Contest". Good luck!

i went on a pony hunt with Dave tonight. found nothing to buy. however i did come across the sparkle magazine shown here.
HOWEVER! It was a newer issue and didn't have pony stickers. it had generic stickers and only 2 pages dedicated to pony's. so... it made me not a happy pony. :(
i also looked at laptops today for the group. found one i liked. wasnt bad for $600 or so. a nice chunk of that will be fromthe donation/fee money i collected for the past meetups. the rest from my own pocket. wanted to pony it up with the stickers from the mag but no luck finding that issue. maybe i should find a custom laptop skin for it. humm..

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