Monday, November 7, 2011

Darcys brony code of honor

hey everypony.

for a while now i wanted to write something. something to let everyone know what i stand for within the group.

i. Darcyblue, will be the best leader that i can be. but more then a leader. i want to be your friend.

as your leader, i wish for you to respect and honor me. and bring me anything from ideas to some item of sorts you think will make the meetup better. it is OUR JOB make this meetup the best that the earth has ever known!

as your friend, i want to get to know you. share your interests, and generally have fun. i want to know the good and the bad. and be there for you when things become downright rotten. i want to share the worlds experiences with you and learn from them.

i know i can be seriously busy sometimes but i will do whatever i can to get to know you and be a good friend.


1 comment:

  1. All hail the grand leader!! Haha but in all seriousness this was a very nice read, thanks for posting :)