Monday, September 17, 2012

CBC radio podcast!

hey everypony!

so myself, Darcy and also Dallas from the Bronys United went onto CBC radio news place this morning and had an interview. if you guys want a listen here is the clip!

we made it to EQD! check this link out!


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    1. thanks. just fixed it now. i uploaded it to soundcloud instead.

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    1. fixed again. seems it didnt take the first or second time.

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    1. now i know it works.
      now everyone should have no problem

  4. CBC radio! Awesome! Those Thursday craft meet-ups sound excellent. 8^)

  5. By the way, the glow-in-the-dark Zecora? She's back up on the Canadian Toys R Us site. Use the link because searching for "my little pony" didn't find Zecora for me. Alas for Quebec, Toys R Us Canada won't mail her there, my guess is that there's no French on her package. So, spread the word! At under $10, she's less expensive than in the US, eh?