Saturday, May 3, 2014

ted wins! undefeated! BPC

so ted (Dragran) won the tourniment. but i sure gave him a run for his money. first match i knocked out 3 of his pokemon and it went down to the wire.
second match could have went diffrently.  with his safeguard, he was able to lock out one of my most annoying (and useful) attacks! i nearly changed the tide at one point, but i missed my hit, so i was unable to kill his garchomp as it layed waste to  my team with continual earthquakes.

well ted, everything you want in the big bag of swag is yours. i will bring it next meetup. anything you dont want, you can give off ( or you can give it back to me for the next contest or whatever. dont care)

its a really big bag of swag. might want a backpack.

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